Big Areolas

Nipples are very much the icing on the cake for tits. Especially when it comes to big areolas, these are the hottest nipples in my opinion! Of course, even small areolas are nice, but it is certainly a matter of taste. Many men are keen on large boobs with small areolas and others love large tits with huge nipples. In addition, the color of the nipples is also important. Dark women rather got dark areolas and women with lighter skin mostly got areolas in light colors. Sometimes the nipple color is so bright that you barely can see the areola. Nevertheless it is also possible that a woman with light skin has dark nipples.

Anyway I think that a woman with big areolas can be really happy as a guy can stimulate them much easier than smaller ones. And hard nipples are always damn hot. I don’t want to tell you that only large areolas are beautiful as I think that the whole picture must be attractive but large areolas have some advantages. I totally understand if you love big areolas because I also think they look incredibly hot and erotic to me. But that is only my personal view. In case you feel the same and you don’t have a girlfriend with big areolas at home then you have to look at these pictures I collected for you of women with big areolas. Have fun watching!

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Now you have seen some big areolas and I hope you enjoyed them! Every big areola is unique and that is what I love about nipples. They exist in different colors, forms and sizes so I think that there was at least one picture you loved. Maybe your cook responded directly to one of these pictures or to one of the women on the pictures but the main thing is that you had a lot of fun with these big areolas! If these big nipples were nothing for you then I have collected many other tit pics on this website. They are just waiting for you to get seen!

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