Boobs sucking

I know that a lot of women like it when the guy sucks and presses their boobs. It can be a lot of fun for girls getting the tits cared and some can even have an orgasm from it! The boobs and the nipples are an erogenous zone and sucking it well arouses a girl for sex. Women report that it feels like the nipples are directly connected to the clitoris. Maybe that is the reason why girls also love to suck on their own tits or get sucked on the boobs.

But it depends on the technique if the girl loves getting sucked on her boobs or not. And there is one! Sucking on the fleshy part of the tits teases most of the women but sucking on the nipples can be very pleasant and exciting. My girlfriend loves it when I suck softly in the beginning (and harder at the end) on her nipples and lick them in between to stimulate the sensitive part of her nipples. Then she quickly gets wet and wants to get fucked by me. When I fuck her hard and stimulate her nipples at the same time she also can get an orgasm much easier! Therefore is boob sucking so important in our sex life and I hope you also try it! But don’t forget that the topic is still a personal preference of your sex partner and may differ from person to person. Please watch all these hot photos below which create an appetite for boobs sucking!

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