Perfect boobs

For some men tits are perfect when they are small, some like huge boobies and other men like the ones which are shaped like melons or oranges. Every man has different preferences and that is why the beauty of naked tits comes in all shapes and sizes. But for my personal view tits are perfect when the nipples have a good size and when the boobies are “a handful” at least! I love to think about touching and squeezing the perfect boobies.

In this collection I want to show you which kind of boobies get me really horny and which tits are perfect in my point of view! That’s how I made up this collection for you on

When I see these naked and perfect tits I really want to grab the little bottle of lube which stands next to my computer and dribble it on my cock to start playing with it while thinking about the naked women showing their perfect tits to me. Immediately I want to rub my penis between their tits and get a nice titty fuck with a busty woman! But that is only my imagination. What would you do with the perfect boobies?

Let your fantasy go and start wanking while watching these perfect tits!

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I hope you had a lot of fun watching all these amazing and perfect tis! Which photo did you like the best? Or did you just find out that you don’t like the same kind of tits like I do? Maybe you prefer bigger or smaller ones than me? In this case you also have to visit the categories “big natural boobs” or “hard nipples”! I am pretty sure that these categories will get you cock as hard as mine! Have fun watching all the other tit pics!

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