Pierced Boobs

Tits always get me horny but when a nipple piercing is attached to them, I can’t control my temper anymore! Sometimes you can see the outlines of the piercing through her clothes and sometimes you wish that she has a piercing on her tits when she opens her bra. Unpacking her boobs is a thrilling moment in general because you see her boobs naked for the first time but furthermore you may see her boob piercing for the first time. And this excitement grows when I open her bra and pierced boobs appear.  Personally I love piercings and I like to play with them.

It gets me horny in seconds and it is even more exciting when the woman has giant tits. Of course small tits are also fine but it is my personal opinion that I prefer big tits. Piercings have different sizes and forms. Some have a small plug and other have rings. I prefer the rings but many men like piercings with small plugs. As I understand that everyone has different preferences I collected a big bunch of pictures for you which show different kinds of piercings. Now look at them and decide for yourself which pierced boobs you prefer.

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Anyway, which pierced boobs do you like the most? Does the piercing have to have a plug or a ring? In my gallery you have seen every kind of nipple piercing. I love it, when I can suck on the piercing and play with it. And I also think that touching and squeezing her tits makes more fun with a piercing! What about you? In case you just found out that you like tits without a nipple piercing more, you have to look at the other categories I have for you. So keep searching for the perfect tit pics which will get you horny in a few seconds!

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